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Dega is a Latin American graphic designer and painter, born in Venezuela (1983), currently living in the capital city of Berlin, Germany. Although his first artistic works were mainly digital, his passion for the study of form and color has led him to explore other mediums, such as canvas and painting, that allow him to express himself in different ways, combining different techniques and materials that he uses to express concepts and emotions. Therefore, for Dega, painting is an exercise in absolute freedom.

I'm currently working as the Lead Product Designer at HERE Technologies.

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But don't hesitate in contact me if you would like to have a chat about design or need help with some yummy topic.

Also, you could follow my work on the social media or your choise:


If you like art, please take a look to my paintings

N 52º 32' 11.946''
E 13º 22' 39.95''