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Product & Data Visualization Designer
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An Interaction and visual designer with over 10 years experience solving both physical and digital user experience problems for clients such as Nokia, Fjord, Frog, Telefonica I+D, el Bulli Foundation, Bestiario, Desigual, Quadrigram, HERE Technologies, Audi, Daimler, among others.

A broad generalist with expertise covering all areas of design with a skill set that forms a holistic vision of visual communications. Skilled not just in the ability to solve interaction and visual design problems, but also the ability to quickly build and iterate through solutions using interactive or motion prototypes.

Over the past 5 years my work has focused mostly on the topic of smart cities. From sketching ideas, building interactive prototypes, validate assumptions with user research, sharing knowledge across the design organization, and tailoring design systems that enable rapid prototyping, to help building the technology need it for the future of mobility, together.

I'm currently working as the Lead Data Visualization Designer at HERE Technologies.

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I'm available for freelance work & collaborations, drop me an email.